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The iPad2 for Schools: Effects on Education and the Digital Divide

Sigh. Is it just me, or does the current hyper-focus on technology in the classroom leave anyone else just a little bit cold? Tech-hungry teachers and students are licking their chops.  Design fanatics are genuflecting at the feet of Steve … Continue reading

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Digital Games and Learning

This is an amazing time we live in. Technology is advancing every day leading to new ways to do things, problem solve, and educate ourselves. As well as being extremely entertaining, digital games are also introducing youth to new concepts and … Continue reading

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Science in the Classroom:In Defense of Low-Tech Education

For most of us, the idea of an effective education in a modern classroom immediately evokes the use of computers and electronics in the classroom.  In my own classes, I use both high and low-tech methods to teach astronomy and … Continue reading

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Four Great Podcasts for Younger Kids

Sure, most podcast listeners know about Serial, TED Talks, and This American Life but what if you're interested in finding a podcast for the youngsters in your life? What do you suggest to them? Even better, what can you listen to together, as a family? The great thing is that… Read More

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