left brain

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain Teaching Techniques

The human brain is separated into two distinct hemispheres connected by a corpus callosum, or a bundle of nerve fibers that facilitates communication between the two hemispheres. It is known that popular psychology sometimes makes broad generalizations about certain functions … Continue reading

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choice theory

Beyond Goals: Creating An Inspiring Classroom

As teachers head back to school for another year, most have developed goals for the coming school year. Virtually every expert champions the importance of establishing clear, specific goals if you want to be successful. In my experience, goals are … Continue reading

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apprenticeship programs

Youth Apprenticeship

Definition Youth apprenticeship is a learning system that prepares students for work by giving them a combination of classroom instruction and paid on-the-job training. In this education model, students obtain a set of well-defined occupational abilities by learning concepts in … Continue reading

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instructional technology

Instructional Technology

Definition Instructional technology is just what it sounds like: using computers, CD-ROMs, interactive media, modems, satellites, teleconferencing, and other technological means to support learning. Discussion Some educators believe the use of interactive, computer-based technology is crucial to improving classroom learning. … Continue reading

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school to work transition

School To Work Transition

Definition School-to-work programs provide ways for students to transition successfully into the economy, either through paid employment with a business or self-employment. Numerous studies reveal that, upon high school graduation, many students who aren’t college-bound are neither prepared for nor … Continue reading

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TXT Me L8r!

FYI my little 1s (3rd g8rs) just did a unit re: how 2 rite a ltr. Like, a ltr ltr. Old skool, LOL. U haf 2 start w the d8 @ the top. Nxt rite ur address. Not ur email… like @ ur house. Then ur BFF’s address 2.  U… Read More


You Majored in What?!

Graduation season is upon us, the time when we pause to celebrate the accomplishments of newly-minted degree-holders. Of course, in economic times such as these, there’s no guarantee that a new graduate, professionally green and facing unprecedented competition for jobs, will land solid employment just on the strength of a… Read More


Science Through Literature in Inner City Schools

It was very exciting – and a little intimidating – to be invited to spend a day at an inner-city high school in Los Angeles.  I have spent over a decade developing and promoting an interdisciplinary approach to teaching core concepts in science and mathematics; throwing out the traditional text… Read More

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