learning style

Teaching and Identifying Learning Disabilities in Students

Being able to identify and effectively diagnose learning problems in students can benefit both the child and the teacher. As an educator, if you know what modifications you can make in your teaching to ensure the child learns in a … Continue reading

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language teaching methods

Whole Language

Definition This philosophy about curriculum–in both language arts and a broader, more general program–is based on recent research of how children acquire oral and written language skills.

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Core Curriculum

Definition In a core curriculum, a predetermined body of skills, knowledge, and abilities is taught to all students. Discussion The core curriculum movement assumes there is a uniform body of knowledge that all students should know. Presumably, this curriculum will … Continue reading

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learning theory

Outcome-based Learning

Definition In outcome-based learning, all school programs and instructional efforts are designed to have produced specific, lasting results in students by the time they leave school. Basic Elements One of the leading examples of an outcome-based learning program is the … Continue reading

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TXT Me L8r!

FYI my little 1s (3rd g8rs) just did a unit re: how 2 rite a ltr. Like, a ltr ltr. Old skool, LOL. U haf 2 start w the d8 @ the top. Nxt rite ur address. Not ur email… like @ ur house. Then ur BFF’s address 2.  U… Read More


You Majored in What?!

Graduation season is upon us, the time when we pause to celebrate the accomplishments of newly-minted degree-holders. Of course, in economic times such as these, there’s no guarantee that a new graduate, professionally green and facing unprecedented competition for jobs, will land solid employment just on the strength of a… Read More


Science Through Literature in Inner City Schools

It was very exciting – and a little intimidating – to be invited to spend a day at an inner-city high school in Los Angeles.  I have spent over a decade developing and promoting an interdisciplinary approach to teaching core concepts in science and mathematics; throwing out the traditional text… Read More

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