Education 3.0 and the Five Human Dimensions

To create effective schools for the 21st century – Education 3.0 – we must be certain to address all dimensions of human development, including the physical, the intellectual, the emotional, and the social. Continue reading

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What’s On Your Winter Reading List?

” We are, in some sense, formed by what we read,” writes Alison Minion. What’s on your winter reading list? Here are some suggested titles. Continue reading

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emotional intelligence

Social-Emotional Learning: Three Ways of Relating

The type of relationship we choose to create with our students and colleagues goes a long way in determining how effective we will be. Do you have an “I-It” relationship with others? Continue reading

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child development

Sports, Education, And The Importance Of Mission

Sports is easy because the goal is clear. What is the goal of education? Without consensus, we will never make significant improvement. Continue reading

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Are You Still Using A Rotary Phone To Connect With Your Children?

You wouldn’t use a rotary phone to call your kids, right? So why do we still use outdated approaches to teaching and parenting? Continue reading

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Four Great Podcasts for Younger Kids

Sure, most podcast listeners know about Serial, TED Talks, and This American Life but what if you're interested in finding a podcast for the youngsters in your life? What do you suggest to them? Even better, what can you listen to together, as a family? The great thing is that… Read More

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