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The Role of Trust in Teacher Evaluation

Unless there is a preponderance of evidence that a teacher is unwilling to learn, be coached, or to grow professionally – making dismissal is a real possibility – the sole purpose of any observation – informal observation, class walk-through, or formal evaluation – should be to help a teacher enhance instructional effectiveness. Continue reading

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Koraunui School: A New Zealand School On the Journey to Quality

A New Zealand school continues to make significant progress (socially, behaviorally, and academically) after adopting the principles and practices of choice theory. This is an inspiring story of moving from chaos to quality. Continue reading

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What It Will Actually Take To Change Education

While we throw money at “educational reform,” we continue to cling to unhelpful beliefs about school and learning. To effect meaningful change, we need to abandon tired practices and beliefs and adopt an entirely different model. Continue reading

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The Brain’s Biology: A Negative Feedback Loop System

Our brain is wired to alert us when things aren’t going the way we’d like. While this helps us survive, we need to do more to maximize our success and joy. Continue reading

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“5 Strategies to Engage & Inspire” Webinar: Follow-Up Q&A

Do students with career goals do better in school? Do we work only for pay? Bob Sullo addresses questions and comments made after his webinar “5 Strategies to Engage & Inspire Kids to Work Harder in School.” Continue reading

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