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Is My Kid’s “English Major” Code for “Future Cater Waiter?”

Hey Mom and Dad. I’ve got something to say.  It’s not going to come as a shock, as I’m sure you’ve suspected this was true of me for some time. So I’m just gonna come out and say it, and … Continue reading

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The Personal Side of Professional Development

The single biggest problem with improving teaching skills is that fifty percent of the process is usually ignored. There’s the professional development bit. And there’s the personal bit. The problem, in a nutshell, is that most skills also require some … Continue reading

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kids like shakespeare

Bearing the Bard: How to Make Let Kids Like Shakespeare

In the 2001 BBC short film Black Adder: Back and Forth a time-traveling Rowan Atkinson runs into none other than the famous William Shakespeare. After obtaining an autograph, Atkinson punches Shakespeare (played by Colin Firth) right in the kisser. “That … Continue reading

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Why e-book?

Since the publication of The Inspiring Teacher: Making A Positive Difference In Students’ Lives by Funderstanding, I’ve had a number of friends and colleagues asking me why I decided to go down the e-book path. I’ve written six books in … Continue reading

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Meteor Showers – The Teachable Moment

It is often difficult for parents to help their children with science education, in part because the idea of doing science with your child can be intimidating.  Parents often feel at sea when it comes to science lessons, and the … Continue reading

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Four Great Podcasts for Younger Kids

Sure, most podcast listeners know about Serial, TED Talks, and This American Life but what if you're interested in finding podcasts for younger kids? What do you suggest to them? Even better, what can you listen to together, as a family? The great thing is that you’re in luck even… Read More

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