Hunger Games: An Opportunity for Relevant Discussion With Kids

“Hunger Games” is much more than a blockbuster movie based on a best-selling book. It’s an opportunity for parents and teachers to engage kids in important conversation. Continue reading

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Parenting 101: “Everyone is Doing the Best They Can”

Hey parents, do you want to play the role of enforcer or teacher? Remembering that your child is doing the best they know how to do will help you remain calm and avoid unnecessary stress. Continue reading

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choice theory

Watch Your Language!

Our language impacts (and reveals) our thinking. When we ask, “How do we motivate kids?” we reveal a nonconscious belief that motivation comes from the outside. It doesn’t. Continue reading

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achievement gap

Notes from the (Achievement) Gap

While the achievement gap has narrowed between races, it has widened significantly between rich and poor. Access to educational opportunity is a fundamental promise made by America and its citizens, a promise that has been sorely compromised. Continue reading

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The Magical Question: a Tool to Teach Self-Discipline

When your child misbehaves, would you rather be their teacher or be an enforcer? By using “the magical question,” you can solve problems more easily and teach your child self-discipline. Continue reading

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Four Great Podcasts for Younger Kids

Sure, most podcast listeners know about Serial, TED Talks, and This American Life but what if you're interested in finding a podcast for the youngsters in your life? What do you suggest to them? Even better, what can you listen to together, as a family? The great thing is that… Read More

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