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Caveat Emptor: A Lesson Plan for Consumer Smarts

Am I smarter than a fifth grader? Depends on how you measure smarts. If you’re going to quiz me on which of the original colonies voted against ratification of the Constitution, then NO. Just hand me my pride in a … Continue reading

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Astronomy Lesson Plan: How Big is the Solar System?

Astronomy, like the size of the solar system, is such a vast subject that it can be a challenging one to teach. It’s a fascinating topic and there are so many angles to choose when trying to effectively teach astronomy. … Continue reading

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Ten Thousand to one: Physics Lesson Plan

Teaching physics concepts is a challenge in today’s classroom.  How can a teacher present the majesty of physics in an era of decreasing budgets and often inadequate space?  All too often, schools and teachers despair of providing legitimate, hands-on laboratory experiences for students because equipment is large and expensive, especially… Read More

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Successful Science Fair Projects for Kids

When deciding on the perfect science fair project, kids have lots to consider. Is it connected with a topic they find interesting? Will they be able to accomplish the project with positive results? And, can they pull it all together with an eye-catching presentation that wows the judges?There is a… Read More

For Home and School

Fun Science Projects

 With warm weather right around the corner, kids, and adults, are looking for something fun and educational to keep busy and occupied. Learning in school or at home can be a fun scientific experience through simple and easy science projects and activities. With the help of basic materials, creativity, and… Read More

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