Redshirting in the Age of Academic Kindergarten

Every September, the incoming group of kindergarteners becomes ever so slightly older.  When I had my daughter almost twenty years ago, I remember a friend of mine exclaiming, “Oh, you’re so lucky, she’s birthday-blessed!” The term referred to her fall … Continue reading

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Your Brain, on Color

Whether you know it or not, color has a big impact on how your brain sees the world. Did you know if you’re looking at sea green or lemon yellow, your brain feels a different emotion to each? It’s because … Continue reading

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Learning Styles

A reader recently commented in response to this post about learning styles that he’d like to know more about learning styles such as what is a learning style, what is the definition of this term, what are the different types, what is … Continue reading

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charitable giving

Clever Ways to Teach About Giving

We all want our children to be charitable and give back in some way, but telling them they have to tithe (the religious precept of giving 10 percent of their income) or hold back one-third of their allowance as a … Continue reading

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child development

Fun Reading Comprehension Activities for Kids

Learning to read is a breeze for some kids, but can be challenging for others. The whole process starts with children using descriptive language for story telling and progresses to the ability to comfortably read alone. Working with children throughout … Continue reading

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TXT Me L8r!

FYI my little 1s (3rd g8rs) just did a unit re: how 2 rite a ltr. Like, a ltr ltr. Old skool, LOL. U haf 2 start w the d8 @ the top. Nxt rite ur address. Not ur email… like @ ur house. Then ur BFF’s address 2.  U… Read More


You Majored in What?!

Graduation season is upon us, the time when we pause to celebrate the accomplishments of newly-minted degree-holders. Of course, in economic times such as these, there’s no guarantee that a new graduate, professionally green and facing unprecedented competition for jobs, will land solid employment just on the strength of a… Read More


Science Through Literature in Inner City Schools

It was very exciting – and a little intimidating – to be invited to spend a day at an inner-city high school in Los Angeles.  I have spent over a decade developing and promoting an interdisciplinary approach to teaching core concepts in science and mathematics; throwing out the traditional text… Read More

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