Definition Multiculturalism is based on the belief that varying cultural dynamics are the fourth force–along with the psychodynamic, behavioral, and humanistic forces–explaining human behavior. Since the ability to recognize our own and others’ cultural lenses is essential to all learning, … Continue reading

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PowerPoint or PowerPointless

There seems to be some controversy raging over the use of so-called ‘presentation software’ such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint and others.  In 2003, National Public Radio estimated that there were approximately 10 million computers in primary and secondary schools equipped with … Continue reading

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choice theory

Teaching, Learning and Responsibility

It’s a word used often and typically embraced without question. I mean, how can you argue against “responsibility?” For some reason, I often get a bit uncomfortable when I encounter the word “responsibility.” For example, The Washington Post recently ran … Continue reading

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choice theory

Rubrics, Self-Evaluation and Creativity

One of the major main points of emphasis for educators applying the principles of Choice Theory in the classroom is helping students learn how to self-evaluate consciously and effectively. If we want students to take greater responsibility for their learning, … Continue reading

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Brain Teasers and Riddles

Brain teasers and riddles will keep your brain in shape. From playing “Brain Age” on your child’s Nintendo DS, to solving riddles in the Sunday paper, keeping your brain going will benefit tremendously in the long run. The value of … Continue reading

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Whole Brained Teaching

Definition Whole-brain teaching is an instructional approach derived from neurolinguistic descriptions of the functions of the brain’s left and right hemispheres. Basic Element Neurolinguistic findings about the brain’s language functions show that in the integrated brain, the functions of one hemisphere are immediately available to the other, producing a more… Read More

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