What Is The Difference Between a Technician & A Professional?

What is the difference between a technician and a professional? Project Based Learning helps teachers transition from technicians to professionals. Continue reading

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What’s the Purpose of Education in the 21st Century?

What is the purpose of education in the 21st century? We continue to use strategies based on Education 2.0 even though we are living in an Education 3.0 world. Continue reading

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Use an iPad to enhance your teaching. The educational potential of this technology is being utilized more and more. It’s a great way to engage your students. Continue reading

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Are You Still Using A Rotary Phone To Connect With Your Children?

You wouldn’t use a rotary phone to call your kids, right? So why do we still use outdated approaches to teaching and parenting? Continue reading

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What is Social Emotional Learning and Why Does it Matter?

“Oh, no!” you might say to yourself!  SEL, another educational acronym or abbreviation to go along with ELA, AIS, PD, ESL, GRE, ADHD, ED, PTA, NCLB, SST, SAT, ERIC, GED and literally hundreds of others.  The three-letters alone could be … Continue reading

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Social-Emotional Learning: Identifying Emotions in Others

In a recent article, I focused on an essential aspect of EI (emotional intelligence): being able to accurately identify one’s emotions.  This article addresses why and how to teach young people to attune to others’ emotional states. Identifying and managing our own emotions is essential to our personal well-being and happiness. Accurately identifying… Read More


Social-Emotional Learning: Identifying Emotions in Ourselves

This article is a follow-up to “What is Social-Emotional Learning and Why Does It Matter,” (which defines SEL and explains the research-based benefits) and “Social-Emotional Learning: Be Emotionally Literate” (which explains how to teach students the prerequisite foundational knowledge.)  This article focuses on why and how to teach young people… Read More


Social-Emotional Learning: Be Emotionally Literate

Telling students, “Be respectful!” or “Be responsible!” and expecting them to immediately comply is as ludicrous as telling them, “Be literate!” and expecting them to instantly read; or “Be athletic!” and expecting them to promptly become strong and well-coordinated.  As everyone knows, in order to “be literate” one must learn… Read More

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