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47 Responses to Newsletter Confirmation

  1. Sachin says:

    I am research student and working on the Development Brain Based Learning strategies. Kindly guide me on the particular topic

  2. Ray Hobby says:

    I have just retired …but still stimulated by all things that encourage learning.
    Career – engineer > maths teacher > head of Maths > Head of [a UK] Sixth Form > Senior Deputy Headmaster >> then Management & Training Consultant …for 16 years using ideas from applied Emotional Intelligence.
    I used some ‘quick-hit’ presentations to make humorous […?] and thought-provoking penetration.
    If you are interested drop me an email and I will attach examples by return.

    Thanks for a truly stimulating web-site.

    • Mickael says:

      Thanks for your suggestion! We will try to incorporate something on iPads in the classroom in the upcoming newsletter.

  3. e33y says:

    I have graduated from university. Interested in psychology, I work hard to learn relevant knowledge and hope that I can pass entrance exam for further study. I hope that this website will enhance my knowledge in psychology.

  4. Gretchen says:

    I am a Nursing Instructor looking to find ways to assist students in becoming critical thinkers with a solid base understanding of concepts central to quality nursing care.

    • Mickael says:

      Hi Gretchen. Thanks for sharing! We certainly will have future content on helping students become better critical thinkers and learners (especially the skill of learning how to learn).

  5. Noorhanim says:

    I’m a Bachelor in education student who will be graduating soon. I would love to get more info in becoming a good educator. Newsletter from Funderstanding would be helpful for me.

    • Mickael says:

      Thanks for reaching out. The GWhiz section of our biweekly newsletter provides educational (and sometimes parenting) tips for educators! Please stay tuned and feel free to reach out to us with any other topical interests.


    • Lisa Allseitz says:

      I am a parent with a few words on ADHD. Please, always keep an open mind to individual teaching strategies. The continuing education, seminars, and your own research. Never clump students in a group based on a label, but rather get to know who they are as individuals. I have a son whom has ADHD with an IQ of 129, they are smart, they are not all the same and medicine is only a bandaid, ‘not a cure’. They will still have problems learning and all learn differently, no matter how intelligent.
      I always have a parent, teacher conference at the beginning of every school year, to give facts, etc. One fact is: A child can make a 40% on a math test, have a teacher that cares enough to notice it was a bad day, teacher ‘hand writes’ every problem missed and gives that to the child to complete the next day and the child makes a 100% (Note: on the same dose of medication) – This was my son and a 3rd grade teacher I will never forget. Aim to be that kind of teacher, WE DO NOTICE and WE DO APPRECIATE. In 4th grade he had a teacher who thought, medicine ingested equaled A DAILY CURE. Many humiliating instances occurred, Needless to say, he was withdrawn in October and I now homeschool my son.
      I wish you the best and hope this may help you make a difference in how you view and teach children with ADHD, remember they too wish they were not a problem for you as much as you do – they can feel your thoughts.
      I am open to any questions or feedback. Best wishes, Lisa.

        • kim wilson says:

          My wife and daughter both are profoundly bipolar and suffer from ADHD. Your right even on medication ever day is a different day with its own challenges. I’ve had to become very patient and understanding. I am about to be certified as a middle school science teacher. I think I will be a more effective teacher after experiencing what I have at home. I plan to accommodate every student who needs special attention or differentiation in the classroom. My daughter also had to be home schooled after being treated without respect or understanding. Every child has right to a quality education and that is within the means of all effective teachers. I very much sympathize with what you and your child have gone through.

    • Funderstanding says:

      Hi Keith! That’s awesome to hear. I hope you find some more useful resources on our website for your work.


  6. SHASHI KANT says:

    i am a teacher in up govt. primary schools and i have done (ec), tell me how can i use my technical knowledge to teach primary school students in a effective and efficient manner

  7. shohreh says:

    I’m a university teacher in education. I want to be in touch with you to be inspired with all your experience.

  8. Mari Lopena says:

    i am a mother and a starting educator… looking forward for your guidance and inspiration.

  9. Karen says:

    Hi everybody.
    I am new to all this, and I found this site whilst looking for 3 schools of learning. I will be graduating in July to become a qualified teacher doing DTLLS and I hope to progress on to the QTLS later this year.
    I am hoping that using this site I will be able to find some useful resources.

  10. I am a both an anthropologist and educator by training and academic background with a heavy interest in communication as it pertains to learning, all ethnic and demographic backgrounds considered, with a focus in the direction of education and the impacts that are and will be felt in urban settings.

  11. Adli Abu Amru says:

    I really love all what enhances ESL learners. I hope to get from you all materials that enhance students learning of English as a second language.
    Thank you

  12. Kristy says:

    Hi. I am an owner and teacher of an EArly Childhood school currently operating Pre-K and PReschool classes. I have a great interest in Brain -based teaching and learning and can’t wait to get more info from your site and newsletters!

  13. Minhee says:

    Hi. I major in English education and want to be an English teacher in a secondary school. I’m looking forward to reading some informative and motivating articles. I’m excited to know more about Funderstanding

  14. Kaua says:


    I’m a math teacher in a secondary school, and wish to learn more on how to motivate my student on learning mathematics. Hopefully your site and newsletter might help


  15. Adebo Fidel says:

    Am teacher by profession and currently a mentor of English language and professional pedagogical skills working with teachers from basic education to High school. I need materials that can make me perform my duties better and develop me professionally in my role as a teacher.

  16. addy says:

    I am a research student working on the “issues with the introduction of ICT in traditional classrooms”. I am hoping that using this site I will be able to find some useful resources.

  17. Isaac John Garba says:

    I am student researcher at a Television College in Nigeria. My research on the topic “Student and Television News Viewership/consumption. Because it has been a concern to me observing a lot of colleagues in TV Journalism don’t even watch TV News. Oh! No Wonder, 95% can’t even do a simple news and other presentation. I’m half done with my project while I’m just discovering Funderstanding. I will be so pleased if I can get some advice on what funderstanding can say about my topic. Maybe I can include in my project.

    Thank You Funderstanding! And I Hope You Understand.

  18. Nikki Thomas says:

    I am working on finishing up my teacher certification/ courses. I would love to learn more about all things special education and English Language learners.

  19. Deniel Woodhouse-Williams says:

    I am a student-teacher who is looking for information to complete my assignment on the way children learn.

  20. Greg Camp says:

    More than culture admits, emotional response is more a voluntary and responsible choice than is generally realized. The measure of both psychological strength and freedom is the number of available choices. The reluctance to accept emotion as partly voluntary may have to do with the responsibility issue; it is less distressing than to blame. It’s not difficult to trace the path from cortex to limbic system to autonomic control; the latter producing “feelings”

  21. Marvah Bradshaw says:

    I am an educator. I would like to receive information on current and updated practices in early childhood, related to literacy and assessment. My interest also extends to the field of differentiated instruction.

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