5 Elements for Creating a Culture of Listening

A second installment in author Geoffrey Caine’s The Listening to Life Series, 5 Elements for Creating a Culture of Listening delves into another pivotal factor that impacts the art of listening and communication at large: creating a great culture of listening.

Conversation involves more than one party. When one party is unaware of a lack in listening skills or just generally disinterested in the topic being discussed, the maximum benefits of the engagement are not attained.

What can you do to cultivate better conversation with people in all facets of life, personal and professional when others don’t listen well?

The core theme of 5 Elements for Creating a Culture of Listening is to let the culture do the work. It is grounded in the fact that everyone is influenced by context, and so they change as the context changes. This is as important as each individual’s participation, serving as an impetus to more effective participation and engagement in conversation.

This ebook shows you the skills you need to change the context so that it guides good listening for you.

Note: The first installment of the series, 9 Skills for Listening to Life, is not a prerequisite to this ebook but it certainly is a great resource to lay a solid foundation down for your efforts in improving your listening and communication skills.

5 Elements for Creating a Culture of Listening is available on Kindle. Please click on the book cover in the link to read the first chapter of the book.


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