Kelly McLendon

Kelly McLendon is studying Environmental Policy and Journalism. She can be reached via email

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems In Schools

Learning management systems (LMS) are used to connect students, parents and educators in the classroom. A system could allow students and parents to see their grades from home, or it could allow educators to tutor their students virtually via chat … Continue reading

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Tailoring Your Learning Management System to Your School

  There are many learning management systems (LMS) out there, but knowing that there are specific software programs tailored to different grade levels may benefit your school. For example, Haiku LMS is geared towards a K-12 audience, whereas other platforms … Continue reading

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History of Education

Educational Theories

The classroom is taught the way it is today because of the different ‘ages’ in history. Ages like the Industrial Revolution and Information Age have had profound and lasting impacts on the history of education. Teaching methods are beginning to … Continue reading

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