Jon Erwin

Author and international educational consultant Jonathan Erwin has been a secondary English teacher, staff development specialist, college professor, and director of a federally funded character education program. His first book, The Classroom of Choice (ASCD 2004) focuses on appealing to students' intrinsic motivation to learn and behave responsibly. His more recent book, Inspiring the Best in Students (ASCD 2011), explains why and how to integrate Social-Emotional skills into the curriculum. He lives in Western New York with his wife Holly and three children: Nate, Liam, and Laena.


What is Social Emotional Learning and Why Does it Matter?

“Oh, no!” you might say to yourself!  SEL, another educational acronym or abbreviation to go along with ELA, AIS, PD, ESL, GRE, ADHD, ED, PTA, NCLB, SST, SAT, ERIC, GED and literally hundreds of others.  The three-letters alone could be … Continue reading

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