Geoffrey Caine

Geoffrey Caine's core theme is that people were naturally learning from life long before schools, corporations and information technology were invented. He is charged to make use of and develop what we all do naturally. Geoffrey has just released his new ebook, The Key To Powerful Learning: Slow Down To Speed Up. He is also coauthor of nine books as well as other pieces that integrate brain research, small group processes, systems thinking, natural learning, and education. He is a former tenured member of the faculty of law, University of New South Wales, Australia and is now currently the Executive Director of Caine Learning.


Learning Together Takes Coffee

I live in a small mountain village in California. My office is there, but my main office is not the one on which I pay property tax. It’s a table at our favorite restaurant and coffee shop on the edge … Continue reading

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Brain Based Learning

Using Natural Learning to Teach Basic Math

One way to substantially raise standards across the board is to identify and tap into learning capacities of students that are not already being used. Natural learning (formerly “brain based learning” as we originally defined it) is beautifully positioned to … Continue reading

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