Bette Blance

Passionate about education, Bette Blance has worked in primary and secondary schools in both New Zealand and Australia. From being a deputy principal at a large primary school in Queensland to lecturing undergraduate and post graduate education students at Griffith University, and now as an independent educational consultant, Bette has worked with thousands of teachers to help them become the best that they can be. With her business partner in the Excellence in Teaching Program, Bette teaches the skills of Collegial Coaching. Working with schools to become self-sustaining, she trains coach trainers to ensure that the skills stay in the school. Bette is also an instructor for The William Glasser Institute. She can be contacted by email.


Collegial Coaching: A Model to Improve Teacher Effectiveness

Helping teachers explore their beliefs about learning facilitates their professional growth. Collegial Coaching is a process that enables teachers to self-evaluate in a non-threatening environment. Continue reading

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