Alison Minion

Alison Minion is a writer and editor. In addition to Funderstanding, she has contributed to, the New Jersey Jewish News and other publications. She served as the editor for the Union County (NJ) Bar Association centennial commemorative yearbook. Before leaving the publishing industry to stay home with her children, Alison was an editor of children’s nonfiction and textbooks. As an editor, much of her time was spent sitting down with a manuscript and a red pencil, researching the marketplace and reading the competition. The most valuable on-the-job training, however, was the time spent visiting schools, debriefing educators, and watching children consume texts and process material. In her life as a freelancer, she does this now most evenings while her own three sons complete their homework.

Assessment Methods and Tools

Teacher Evaluation: Thoughts from Educators

As part of our ongoing series on new problems and ideas in teacher assessments, has reached out to rank-and-file educators for their input. Through both direct sources and a far-reaching social media shout-out, we have spoken to dozens of … Continue reading

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Teacher Evaluation: A Comprehensive Study

How do you know if you’re good at your job? Whatever you do – butcher, baker, software maker – the standards of success are probably clearly understood by you, your superiors and your clients. Sales figures, mortality rates, Michelin stars … Continue reading

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Elementary Etiquette

Kids now talk and behave differently We may need to step back to 1953 right now, and I’ll tell you why. I had occasion recently to watch a large group of adolescents perspire through a fraught social gathering. Like Jane … Continue reading

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