Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Sure, Our School Has Problems, But We’ll Pay You To Enroll Your Child!

It’s bad enough that some schools bribe kids to do well, offering them money for academic achievement. At the Jefferson Elementary School in St. Louis they have taken this ill-advised practice a step further. To recruit new students – this … Continue reading

Swimming Away From the Lifeboat: What the Charter School Movement is Telling Us

In a series of recent articles, authors in union publications have decried the effects of corporate America to give funding with“strings attached” as “being divisive”, and “punishing our schools rather than helping them”1.  The districts that have accepted this ‘poisoned … Continue reading

External Rewards: Some Hidden Costs

Providing an external reward for learning is so pervasive that most of us never even consider the potential downside. In an earlier post – “Internal Motivation: Present from Birth” –  I suggested that external rewards can actually interfere with learning. … Continue reading