Yearly Archives: 2011

5 More Strategies to Engage & Inspire Kids to Work Harder – Part2

We often complain that kids aren’t motivated. They are! But here’s the catch. They aren’t always motivated to learn what we want to teach. Successful teaching requires an understanding of student motivation.
These webinars will discuss the drives that motivate all students and identify five strategies to inspire academic achievement. Continue reading

3 Approaches to Inspire Students: Applying Educational Theory

In this webinar, Eric Cohen will present 3 educational theories. He will provide an overview on each, and then provide specific examples on how the theory can be applied in class, or in the home. By the end of the session the participant will have a much better feeling for how to design instruction that is engaging and effective. Continue reading

3 Things Parents Can Do to Inspire Learning

Yet the demands of the world are changing and to prepare children to be inspired learners, more and more of the educational responsibilities fall to parents.
How can parents take this on, when they are already so involved and busy? Is this one more thing that parents must do? How do they gain the skill to do this effectively? Continue reading