Why e-book?

Since the publication of The Inspiring Teacher: Making A Positive Difference In Students’ Lives by Funderstanding, I’ve had a number of friends and colleagues asking me why I decided to go down the e-book path. I’ve written six books in … Continue reading

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grandfather and grandson with cloud

Parenting 101: “Everyone is Doing the Best They Can”

Hey parents, do you want to play the role of enforcer or teacher? Remembering that your child is doing the best they know how to do will help you remain calm and avoid unnecessary stress. Continue reading

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“5 Strategies to Engage & Inspire” Webinar: Follow-Up Q&A

Do students with career goals do better in school? Do we work only for pay? Bob Sullo addresses questions and comments made after his webinar “5 Strategies to Engage & Inspire Kids to Work Harder in School.” Continue reading

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Is Your Child “Successful”?

“Is your son successful?” A simple question asked by a child provides an opportunity for a parent to examine exactly what we mean when we say we want our kids to be “successful.” Continue reading

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Kindergarten teacher and children looking at globe in library

What’s the Purpose of Education in the 21st Century?

What is the purpose of education in the 21st century? We continue to use strategies based on Education 2.0 even though we are living in an Education 3.0 world. Continue reading

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