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Is My Kid’s “English Major” Code for “Future Cater Waiter?”

Hey Mom and Dad. I’ve got something to say.  It’s not going to come as a shock, as I’m sure you’ve suspected this was true of me for some time. So I’m just gonna come out and say it, and … Continue reading

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My 5 Learning Resolutions

Dear Inspired Learners,

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Interactive Modules for Maurice on the Moon-Interactive

When my friends at Funderstanding told me they wanted to produce an ‘interactive’ version of Maurice on the Moon, I was tremendously excited about the project. For me, The Maurice Series has always been more than a series of science … Continue reading

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Bearing the Bard: How to Make Let Kids Like Shakespeare

In the 2001 BBC short film Black Adder: Back and Forth a time-traveling Rowan Atkinson runs into none other than the famous William Shakespeare. After obtaining an autograph, Atkinson punches Shakespeare (played by Colin Firth) right in the kisser. “That … Continue reading

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The Disney Door: How to Give Your Child a Spark of Inspiration

My high school history teacher was convinced that Disney was the cause of human ignorance. Every day that I strolled into class wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt (quite often) he’d wince and go on a tirade about how historically inaccurate … Continue reading

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Make Confusion Your Friend

Confusion is natural:  don’t fight it – use it. It is quite natural to be confused or feel awkward when dealing with a new concept or skill.  And it is quite natural to resent feeling confused.  But the bottom line is that confusion and awkwardness are natural.  And one of… Read More

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