Meteor Showers – The Teachable Moment

It is often difficult for parents to help their children with science education, in part because the idea of doing science with your child can be intimidating.  Parents often feel at sea when it comes to science lessons, and the … Continue reading

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achievement gap

Notes from the (Achievement) Gap

While the achievement gap has narrowed between races, it has widened significantly between rich and poor. Access to educational opportunity is a fundamental promise made by America and its citizens, a promise that has been sorely compromised. Continue reading

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Educational Causes of the Rich and Famous

All too often, the stories we hear about the rich and famous are steeped in negativity. Learn how a few luminaries are doing something to improve education. Continue reading

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What It Will Actually Take To Change Education

While we throw money at “educational reform,” we continue to cling to unhelpful beliefs about school and learning. To effect meaningful change, we need to abandon tired practices and beliefs and adopt an entirely different model. Continue reading

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“5 Strategies to Engage & Inspire” Webinar: Follow-Up Q&A

Do students with career goals do better in school? Do we work only for pay? Bob Sullo addresses questions and comments made after his webinar “5 Strategies to Engage & Inspire Kids to Work Harder in School.” Continue reading

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