The Magical Question: a Tool to Teach Self-Discipline

When your child misbehaves, would you rather be their teacher or be an enforcer? By using “the magical question,” you can solve problems more easily and teach your child self-discipline. Continue reading

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Koraunui School: A New Zealand School On the Journey to Quality

A New Zealand school continues to make significant progress (socially, behaviorally, and academically) after adopting the principles and practices of choice theory. This is an inspiring story of moving from chaos to quality. Continue reading

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child development

Reality Check: Are Kids’ Sports Out of Control?

Are our kids over-scheduled? Are kids’ sports out of control? In an effort to give our kids every advantage, are we robbing them of a most precious gift: childhood? Continue reading

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Is Your Child “Successful”?

“Is your son successful?” A simple question asked by a child provides an opportunity for a parent to examine exactly what we mean when we say we want our kids to be “successful.” Continue reading

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Keeping Children Open For Growth And Learning

Just as a cell is either “open” or “closed,” our children are either closed for protection or open for growth and learning. How we interact with kids goes a long way in determining if they remain open and ready for learning. Continue reading

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Make Confusion Your Friend

Confusion is natural:  don’t fight it – use it. It is quite natural to be confused or feel awkward when dealing with a new concept or skill.  And it is quite natural to resent feeling confused.  But the bottom line is that confusion and awkwardness are natural.  And one of… Read More

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