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Parenting 101: “Everyone is Doing the Best They Can”

Hey parents, do you want to play the role of enforcer or teacher? Remembering that your child is doing the best they know how to do will help you remain calm and avoid unnecessary stress. Continue reading

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The Brain’s Biology: A Negative Feedback Loop System

Our brain is wired to alert us when things aren’t going the way we’d like. While this helps us survive, we need to do more to maximize our success and joy. Continue reading

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Seeing the Best in Every Child: The Importance of Neurodiversity

At this point, it is no longer meaningful to talk about disorders. Instead, we need to shift paradigms and speak, instead, of diversities – specifically of neurodiversity. Continue reading

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kids meditating in the classroom

Transcendental Meditation: The Om-School Connection

“Mom! Dad! I have a new mantra!” “Lemme guess: i before e, except after c?” Not exactly, folks.  Like, a mantra mantra. We’re talking om.

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Testosterone, Aggression, and the Power to Change

A study of fathers offers compelling evidence that our actions have a profound and direct impact on our physiology. Continue reading

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