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Low Tech Tuesday: Origami

"Origami" is the contraction of the Japanese words ori and gami, which mean folding and paper. It's a traditional technique from the XVIIe century used to create fun designs. Why Origami is great Origami is great because there is just one simple rule: you cannot cut and/or glue (it's then called… Read More


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know About Progress Bar

Waiting stinks. There's no other way around it. Sure, there are times when the anticipation of something is fun but nobody would say that while sitting in a 3 hour DMV line. But what's worse than waiting? I would easily argue that it's waiting with no idea when the wait… Read More


Low Tech Tuesday: Learning With Lyrics

We, at Funderstanding, are huge fans of indie rock. We share the same passion for bands like Wilco, Sufjan Stevens or Real Estate. Sure, we love the guitar, bass and drums. We love the atmosphere these bands are dipping us into... but we also love the lyrics. Why You Should… Read More

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