Brain Teasers and Riddles

Brain teasers and riddles will keep your brain in shape. From playing “Brain Age” on your child’s Nintendo DS, to solving riddles in the Sunday paper, keeping your brain going will benefit tremendously in the long run. The value of … Continue reading

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Brain Teaser Games

Challenging your child’s brain is an important part to their cognitive development. Studies have also found it is easier to learn during childhood. “Neuroscientists have discovered that between toddlerhood and puberty, brain metabolism, as measured by blood sugar consumption, remains … Continue reading

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Memory Games

The last days of summer are slipping by and kids are gearing up for heading back to the classroom and continuing down the path of learning. Get them jumpstarted with some fun memory building activities that will entertain and educate … Continue reading

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brain games

Train Your Brain with Games

Test your skills by thinking outside of the box with brain teasers, also known as brain games. Maintaining Brain Fitness Brain teasers allow students to utilize their critical thinking skills, use downtime more wisely and enhance their creative thinking, while … Continue reading

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Whole Brained Teaching

Definition Whole-brain teaching is an instructional approach derived from neurolinguistic descriptions of the functions of the brain’s left and right hemispheres. Basic Element Neurolinguistic findings about the brain’s language functions show that in the integrated brain, the functions of one hemisphere are immediately available to the other, producing a more… Read More

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