Maurice on the Moon

Maurice on the Moon is a science fiction adventure book for kids about a teen growing up on the Moon, his adopted homeland. Maurice hates the Moon and dreams of leaving it for Earth, the big jewel in the lunar sky that taunts him and where life would be so much better. He can’t understand why his parents left Earth, making him work at a mining company whenever he isn’t in school and where he’s stuck living in a crater! His parents have dreams of gaining citizenship on their adopted planet while Maurice brainstorms ways to get away from deadly radiation and frozen lava to a home where he doesn’t have to wear a pressure suit and helmet just to go outside and play. Maurice’s mischievous ways even have him considering a stolen ride on a space liner! But leaving home isn’t as easy as it seems and paradise doesn’t always keep its promises!

In this realistic science fiction book, follow Maurice and his best friend Cassie, as they jump over people, avoid landslides, search for helium and more – all things kids do on the Moon, in this fantasy space series.

Maurice on the Moon is the first book in The Maurice Series, a science fiction series of books geared towards teens. If you’re looking for more fantasy fiction for teens, also read the second book, The Doomed Colony of Mars and the newly released third book, Crisis on the Far Side!

Maurice on the Moon can currently be purchased on AmazonApple iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.

Below, you can read the first chapter of the book.


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