Crisis on the Far Side

In Crisis on the Far Side, Maurice is back from Mars and off for a well deserved vacation with his friend Cassie at summer camp – on the lunar far side! The culture of the far side is vastly different from the Lunar Union, and Maurice has trouble fitting in. The troubles only increase when Shannon Kappel shows up at camp too! Cassie is convinced that Shannon is there because Maurice’s parents are trying to set him up with a good match – and arranged marriages aren’t uncommon on the lunar frontier! Danger threatens and the trio is drawn into a web of intrigue and adventure as an interplanetary mining company tries to take over the fiercely independent lunar colony of Zalinski – and their local industry, making the fastest computers in the solar system. But the NovaLunik computer company has a secret much more sinister than a super fast computer chip – and they won’t hesitate to kill to protect it!

Crisis on the Far Side is the third book in The Maurice Series, a science fiction series of books geared towards teens. If you’re looking for more fantasy fiction for teens, also read the first two books, Maurice on the Moon and The Doomed Colony of Mars.

Crisis on the Far Side is now available on Amazon.

Below, you can read the first chapter of the book.


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