Dr. Daniel Barth

Dr. Daniel E. Barth is Associate Professor of Astronomy at Mt. San Jacinto College in California. He also teaches at Tahquitz High School in Hemet, California where he runs an award winning astronomy and physics program. Dr. Barth has been an active astronomer and telescope owner for over 40 years and is a prominent advocate for astronomy education world-wide; his methods and curricula are used in schools around the globe and the Maurice on the Moon series has reintroduced thousands of students to the joys of science. Dr. Barth is the winner of the Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence, and the Science is for Kids Foundation Fellowship; he is also a three-time nominee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education, and his work in science education has been recognized by UNESCO.

Dr. Barth is proud to count many science educators, university faculty in physics and chemistry, research scientists, doctors, engineers, and many astronomers (amateur and professional), among his former students. His current physics student can be found building catapults, roller coasters, and even rocket cars. Students in his astronomy program study nebulae and galaxies, track and explore the planets, and regularly photograph and explore the Moon.

Dan currently has the following eBooks with us:


To learn anything well, get it in your feelings!

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3 Great Learning Sites

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Three Keys To Powerful Learning For Kids Of All Ages

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