We recognize the remarkable change in the publishing landscape with the mass movement towards the digital. An industry once dominated by just a few is now a free-for-all battle between anyone with access to a computer – pretty much everyone.

We have partnered with 3 leading educators to publish their works and further our mission to inspire and connect people who genuinely care about learning.

With the experience gained through helping our authors see success in the self publishing industry, we stuck to the fundamental purpose of what Funderstanding is: a central hub to educate, inspire, and connect people who care about learning.

The product of our steadfastness is the creation of a self publishing blog that provides quality and proven tactics to help in your self publishing and digital marketing endeavors.

We are always seeking authors to join our team in providing people with great content, whether it’s a fairy tale, a how-to book, a science fiction book or a wild fantasy into the fourth dimension. Join us!


Current Events for Kids: Tackling Today’s Race Issues

Unlike many current events discussions, which can seem relatively abstract to kids, one that hits close to home centers on racial issues. Even young children may see instances of racial tension occurring in real-life situations, making it an important topic to delve into during your dinnertime discussions. But how do… Read More


Share Your Thoughts: Exchange Programs

My father sent me this article from the Boston Globe the other day which talks about a Japanese baseball high school team coming to Massachusetts and spending a week with an American counterpart. It's a wonderful example of how kids can learn and grow, made possible by a passion they collectively share. As I… Read More


Low Tech Tuesday: Origami

"Origami" is the contraction of the Japanese words ori and gami, which mean folding and paper. It's a traditional technique from the XVIIe century used to create fun designs. Why Origami is great Origami is great because there is just one simple rule: you cannot cut and/or glue (it's then called… Read More

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