Jon Erwin

Author and international educational consultant Jonathan Erwin has been a secondary English teacher, staff development specialist, college professor, and director of a federally funded character education program. His first book, The Classroom of Choice (ASCD 2004) focuses on appealing to students' intrinsic motivation to learn and behave responsibly. His more recent book, Inspiring the Best in Students (ASCD 2011), explains why and how to integrate Social-Emotional skills into the curriculum. He lives in Western New York with his wife Holly and three children: Nate, Liam, and Laena.


Social-Emotional Learning: Identifying Emotions in Others

Identifying and managing our own emotions is essential to our personal well-being and happiness. Accurately identifying others’ emotions is essential to our social well-being and happiness. Continue reading

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Social-Emotional Learning: Identifying Emotions in Ourselves

Helping children identify and control their emotions is crucial if we want them to be successful. Learn how to equip children with skills designed to identify and control their emotions. Continue reading

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Social-Emotional Learning: Be Emotionally Literate

Telling students, “Be respectful!” or “Be responsible!” and expecting them to immediately comply is as ludicrous as telling them, “Be literate!” and expecting them to instantly read. Similarly, principles such as respect, responsibility, self-control, and empathy need to be taught directly and systematically. Continue reading

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body, mind, soul, spirit on blackboard

Education 3.0 and the Five Human Dimensions

To create effective schools for the 21st century – Education 3.0 – we must be certain to address all dimensions of human development, including the physical, the intellectual, the emotional, and the social. Continue reading

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Girl standing outside school with group of friends

Social-Emotional Learning: Three Ways of Relating

The type of relationship we choose to create with our students and colleagues goes a long way in determining how effective we will be. Do you have an “I-It” relationship with others? Continue reading

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