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Being a Versatile Listener

Do you know anyone who takes 5 minutes to get to the juice of the story he’s trying to tell? Maybe you prefer story tellers who jump right into the meat of the story. Regardless of your preferences, everyone’s style … Continue reading

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Do Your Kids Sit Down and Read?

I’ve recently spoken with many parents with children in high school. Not a surprise to me, one of the most common challenges in their children’s education outside of the classroom was getting them to sit down and read. Sitting down … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown: In the Perspective of Listening with Geoffrey Caine

The Government Shutdown It came unexpectedly after businesses had already closed. The announcement happened at night, but the chatters of differing opinions of what would happen or why it happened were ablaze. “It already happened once in the Clinton era, … Continue reading

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Are Parents Buying Into Classroom Tech Integration?

Are you a teacher who has or is trying to integrate educational technology into your classroom? Well then, you can probably relate to this. The classroom experience has been continually changing not only because of education reform efforts like Common … Continue reading

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The Brand New Funderstanding Youtube Channel

We are excited to announce our dedication to video content! In our first video, Funderstanding President, Eric Cohen speaks with the author of 9 Skills for Listening to Life, Geoffrey Caine, on the problems and perils of lacking good listening … Continue reading

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