Bob Sullo

Bob has been an English teacher, school psychologist, school adjustment counselor, and school administrator. Now he is a full time consultant. Bob has written several books about internal control and motivation including, The Inspiring Teacher, Activating the Desire to Learn and The Motivated Student. You can read Bob’s full bio here. Learn more about Bob and his work by visiting his website,

Choice Theory

If You Think Teachers Are Overpaid…Just Wait!

To demonstrate the meaning of disingenuous, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan offers an unrealistic salary goal in a transparent attempt to win favor with teachers. Continue reading

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Why e-book?

Since the publication of The Inspiring Teacher: Making A Positive Difference In Students’ Lives by Funderstanding, I’ve had a number of friends and colleagues asking me why I decided to go down the e-book path. I’ve written six books in … Continue reading

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grandfather and grandson with cloud

Parenting 101: “Everyone is Doing the Best They Can”

Hey parents, do you want to play the role of enforcer or teacher? Remembering that your child is doing the best they know how to do will help you remain calm and avoid unnecessary stress. Continue reading

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Choice Theory

Watch Your Language!

Our language impacts (and reveals) our thinking. When we ask, “How do we motivate kids?” we reveal a nonconscious belief that motivation comes from the outside. It doesn’t. Continue reading

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Education in Australia and America: More Alike Than Different

As an American educator who works with schools in Australia, I am frequently asked how our schools compare. Despite differences in accents and terminology, our systems of education are remarkably similar. Continue reading

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