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3 Great Learning Sites

  Software and Business A lot of people love to learn software. I’ve been a big fan for several years. However, another site I love is Similar to, creativelive is more than just learning about software. They have classes that relate to business and education. The nice thing about creativelive is… Read More


3 Fun Projects Your Kids Can Do Over The Summer

  Summer officially starts in 15 days! Now is the perfect time to make plans on what to accomplish during these three months. Here is Funderstanding's take on 3 fun projects you and your kids could do over this summer:   Instagram Summer is for fun so let it be… Read More


3 Netflix Documentaries Your Kids Should Watch

  Netflix is great to watch stupid TV shows. It's also great to learn new things through documentaries. Here are the 3 Netflix documentaries your kids (and you!) should watch:   The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans Explore the world underwater with David Attenborough. It's visually mind blowing,… Read More

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